Disney’s Nutcracker Main Theatrical Trailer, Walt Disney Pictures  (USA)

Shock and Awe Main Theatrical Trailer, Castle Rock Entertainment (USA)

Bayern Munich & HIA International (Doha Airport) promotional trailer (UAE)

AT&T Main advertising campaign “Spokespeople” (USA)

Tale of Tales, Main Theatrical Trailer (UK/EU)

Marvel Age of Ultron DVD Release (USA)

Disney Healthy Living – Finding Dory Commercials/Marketing (UK)

The Jungle Book DVD Release

Fast and the Furious DVD Release

Volkswagen DFB Pokal (German Football Cup), main ident/theme – Volkswagen DFB Pokal (Germany)

BBC Treasures of Ancient Rome online promo – BBC (UK)

United Nations Aids, Believe it, Do it – Take Off Creative (UK)

Prank – Plan 9 Entertainment (US)

The Tempest – Take Off Creative (UK)

Switched – Take Off Creative (UK)

Glow by Amy Katherine Ryan – Take Off Creative (UK)

Tech Story – Take Off Creative (UK)

The Pirate’s Curse – Location Thailand (Thailand)

Playtime – Heightened Reality Pictures (UK)



BBC Treasures of Ancient Egypt – BBC (UK)

BBC Treasures of Ancient Rome – BBC (UK)

922 Schools USA – This Much Productions (US)

Team NetApp, Against All Odds – CycleFilm (Germany)

Tour of California with Team NetApp – CycleFilm (Germany)

Paris-Roubaix with Team NetApp – CycleFilm (Germany)


Video Games

Storm & Skye and The Secret of the Car Wash – (Netherlands)

The Curse of the Black Lake Prison – AJ Square Inc (India)

The Dragon Dance – AJ Square Inc (India)

Blood Knight – iPwn Studios LTD. (US)

Stim – Toolbox Productions (US)

Shattered Stars – Team Impact (UK)





Perfect Break – British Snooker Film (UK)

Selex Galileo Promo Film – Selex Galileo (UK)

Boom in Shot – Black Heart Studios (UK)

Serial KillHer – Blaze Foster (US)

Black Angel  – Andes Entertainment (US)

Prank – Plan 9 Entertainment (US)

London Gateway – Take Off Creative (UK)

We Are One (Featuring Rosie Jones) – New Road Films (UK)

Kitchen’s Closed – Loonatik and Drinks (UK)

Hailwire (28 Episodes) – Icon Films

GM&T – Take Off Creative (UK)

Entangled – Take Off Creative (UK)

Don’t Let Him In – Coldwood Productions (UK)

The Pirate’s Curse – Location Thailand (Thailand)

Scrabble – Endboard Productions (UK)

Ham & The Piper – Prussia Lane Productions Limited (UK)

Playtime – Heightened Reality Pictures (UK)



Chelsea TV



ABC Television

Ink Master

Ancient Aliens



Music Production Libraries

Warner Chappell (UK)

Beds and Beats (UK)

FPM Music (UK)

Audio Network (UK)

Gothic Storm (UK)

Gothic Storm Toolworks (UK)

Really Slow Motion (US)

Dos Brains (US)

Sub Pub Music (US)

Immediate Music (US)

Audio Network (UK)

Finger Music (US)

Alibi Music (US)

Ninja Tune (UK)

Altitude Music (UK)

Gargantuan Music (UK)

The Jungle Group (UK)

The Music Collective (US)

Digital Content Agency (UK)

Fullwerks Musik (UK)

Felt Music (UK)

Trailer Media (UK)

The Goo (US)

Backscratch Music (US)